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The Spoken Word Has Never Been This Powerful

With Koemei's platform, information is quickly distilled and consumed, regardless of whether it originated as voice or text. Knowledge is enriched and shared in intuitive and visually familiar ways. A more collaborative, efficient and engaging experience rewards those distributing content as well as those consuming it.


The world's most accurate automated speech recognition technology creates fully indexed and searchable video and audio transcripts. They're the foundation of the discovery, collaboration, knowledge exchange, and sharing that follow.


Koemei is freedom for information, whether you have
one media file or hundreds of thousands. Our technology searches transcripts and social interactions, then delivers the results you need. Every note, comment, question or answer is accessible through one search box.


We designed Koemei based on how people communicate in our connected and collaborative world. We made it simple to expand, improve and share knowledge by combining tools like group edited Q&A, visual highlighting and voting, controlled user access, and discretionary sharing options.

Integration and Management

Koemei integrates with your video platform, Learning Management System, lecture capture, or collaboration platform. Our system is LTI and SSO friendly. Reporting tools provide insights that associate participation with outcomes.

How we make video collaborative for small groups and entire organizations:

Koemei Makes Video More Engaging

Video and audio files. Documents and discussions. Everything in one place so everyone can collaborate and contribute.

  • Newsfeed
  • Analytics
  • Notes

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How We Turn Video Into Knowledge

Ready to Get Koemei Working for You?

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A Revolutionary Service that Scales with You

Koemei's platform includes automated transcription and search of your entire video/audio archive and new media assets.
Subscription pricing for our Software-as-a-Service starts as low as $250/month.
Koemei also provides a stand-alone automated transcription service, priced below $0.15/minute.

We Know You Have a Few Questions

Nothing at all! Koemei is 100% cloud-based, so you can access and upload your media files wherever you have Internet connection. Similarly, students and learners can access, share and discuss videos wherever they can access the Internet.
Koemei can transcribe video and audio files (such as podcasts). We can transcribe the following file formats: wav, mp3, flv, mp4, avi, wma, wmv, m4v, m4a and mov. You can also upload documents and files into the discussion threads in your Newsfeed to enhance your knowledge-building activities.
Automated speech recognition (ASR) and transcription is currently available for English and French.
Koemei is integrated with Kaltura, Brightcove, Mediacore, Canvas and YouTube. The Koemei video player works with these platforms and services, as well.
Yes. We're a very flexible. Depending on your needs, we can deliver our technology and platform for you in several ways. Please ask us about implementation and deployment options.
Yes, we can identify the presence of multiple speakers in a recording. This technology has an upper limit on the number of speakers that can be handled (< 10) and works best for those who speak the most. For best accuracy, it's best that speakers do not speak simultaenously.
Koemei's multi-featured application layer adds the benefits of video-centric collaboration to any LMS.
For transcription only, Koemei is priced per hour of video. Koemei's powerful collaboration functionality and features (which includes transcription) are available by subscription with pricing based on users per month.
Yes. We provide a full-featured 30-day trial. Sign up here.
Once your video has been processed and transcribed, you can share it via Twitter, Facebook, Google+ or email.
All transactions are secured through SSL. We use Amazon WebServices as hosting company, which complies with the ISO 27002 security standard.

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About Koemei

Our mission is to empower organizations to leverage rich media for competitive advantage.

Koemei enables discovery and social enrichment of video for collaboration, learning, and knowledge exchange.
Built upon the world's first conversational speech recognition engine, Koemei transcribes organizations' existing
video and voice assets at scale, indexes them for search, and empowers users to
interact with and contribute to previously hidden knowledge.